teknoslave (teknoslave) wrote,

hello long lost live journal

I may take the oppertunity to chum around Los Angeles INTL Airport for a few weeks (possibly up to a month) starting in the begining of June... as it appears the company i work for is taking over fueling operations from United Airlines there. It shouldnt be too bad, since our company already fuels the majority of the other airlines; it would just take some time to train our fuelers there to fuel per United's standards and procedures and get them up and running.

The only thing in Denver i gotta worry about are my cats, and Tori is interested in helping me out with feeding and litter. (i'm willing to pay her to check on them too, they are my babies of course!) We really havent gotten too many details on the trip other than we know its gonna happen, so as long as a pay my bills before i go i shouldnt say no to the chance to explore. i'd just need like a laptop to keep me entertained or a bunch of memory sticks for my camera... i'd hope to get some good photos.

ack, its after ten am. i must sleep. xoxo
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