teknoslave (teknoslave) wrote,

doomy feeling

i just woke up suddenly, it was quiet other than the sound of my fans blowing, something inside me triggered an emotional response to not fall back asleep. as far as my dreams are concerned i wasnt aware of being chased or anything out of the ordinary, other than i remember i was scrambling and hiking this blazing red mountain trail with this woman. i dont think i saw her face, and it felt like she was someone i knew, but beyond that it doesnt feel like the dream had anything to do with my doomy feeling. its early for me still, i shouldnt be awake for another five hours, but whenever i try to close my eyes i just kind of feel worried about something. like a visionless preminition. maybe it will come to me, but i dont know. i may cross post this incase someone else had a similiar vibe going on this afternoon.
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