teknoslave (teknoslave) wrote,

los angeles

tomorrow. its going to be like a redeye for me. six fifty four departure in the morning. i am going to look out that window and see whos fueling my plane and perhaps make faces at him. *laugh* ugh todays been brutal, if i could start wednesday night over i wouldve left work sooner and got home to sleep from like 1am til six and then pack all day. i should be seeing lauren and jai tonight in denver and then its back here to get a few more hours of sleep for the flight.

1st of june through the 22nd. or there-abouts on the return. they didnt mention the tickets we have are currently only oneways, lol. oh and another thing, megan isnt going now. just aaron and myself.

There are going to be pictures from time to time of things, so be ready. California here i come!
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